Visits to the vet are imperative to look after your dog’s health. Generally speaking, at each visit, your vet will carefully examine your dog:

They will inspect the inner and outer parts of their ears, and their nostrils

They will examine the backs of the eyes

They will check the state of their teeth and gums

They will check the lymph nodes

They will carry out a cardiopulmonary auscultation

They will feel their abdomen

They will inspect the health of their skin, coat and claws

They will check body temperature

They will examine the vulva or penis and testicles

They will check how they move and their posture

If your dog is female and is not neutered, you will have to tell them the date of their last oestrus.

Additionally, if necessary, the vet will update the obligatory vaccinations calendar so as to administer those that need boosting, if applicable.