With over 30 years of expertise, the Affinity Nutrition Center is the only pet care center in Spain dedicated to the generation of knowledge on pets’ health, well-being and nutrition.

Located near Barcelona, the center is built on a 20.000 square meters park completely surrounded by nature. Divided into two areas (one for dogs and one for cats), the center was revamped in 2015 not only to increase pets’ well-being and health, but also to fulfill the newest sustainability criteria in terms of energy consumption and water use. As a result, our renewed and environmental-friendly facilities are adapted to the daily needs of dogs and cats, providing them with maximum levels of comfort, safety and happiness.

Our team is composed by veterinarians, nutritionists, biologists and ethologists. We are equipped with the highest technology for veterinary use, which allows us to perform non-invasive scientific studies; most of them based on the evaluation of different pet food diets. All our studies – including those developed in collaboration with distinguished international universities – are published and fully available to the veterinarian community. Our main fields of study are weight control, hairball formation, urinary health, intestinal conditions, body development, renal affections, or skin and hair care. Furthermore, we perform regular palatability tests to measure the acceptance or preference of one pet food over another, and therefore ensuring that the taste of all our products is unparalleled.

The Affinity Nutrition Center is a home for pets, where they socialize, exercise and play together every day. It is the ultimate step into a healthier future for pets.