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Affinity is a Spain company with over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of products of animal food. We have a leading position in cat and dog food products in the world.

We are ADVANCE, under the brand of Affinity to provide customers a super-premium veterinary pet-food brand with more than 20 years of experience developing and researching innovative and scientifically proven formulas designed to care for the health and wellbeing of all dogs and cats.

Our commitment is to provide pet parents with the highest quality nutrition and the right solutions for their pets´specific health needs. That is why we empower them through a wide range of high performing pet-food products and engage with them to bring them the vets´ advice they need in a close, helpful and understandable manner.

With more than 30 years expertise the Affinity Nutrition Center is the only center in Spain specialized in dogs and cats nutrition.

Located near Barcelona the center is built on a 20.000 square meters park. Divided in 2 areas (one for dogs and one for cats), the center was revamped to increase pets well-being and health. Our team is composed by veterinary assistants in charge of the daily checkups. We are equipped with the highest technology for veterinary use, which allows us in a non-invasive way the evaluation of the different diets on various aspects of the health of dogs and cats.

For instance the diets in the puppies growth and development, the weight loss diets or bone density maintenance, but also intestinal health, skin and hair care.

The most important thing to recall is that the Affinity Nutrition center is a home to these pets.

Socialization, exercise and play is key for their well-being and development. That is why every day they can enjoy playing and running in one of the 12 playgrounds available in the center.

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