Adult cats (+12 months)

  1. Contributes to a shiny coat and skin care: omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, and Zinc.
  2. Contributes to maintain muscle mass: high level of protein

Once your cat has reached adult age, its nutritional needs change and he needs a nutrition that contributes to maintain an ideal body condition.

ADVANCE Wet Adult is a complete & balanced wet recipe specifically formulated to cover the needs of adult cats.

Its formula has been developed by nutrition experts to help in providing a shiny skin coat, skin care and to maintain muscle mass

ADVANCE Wet is made with steam cooked high quality ingredients, and is offered in a delicious chunks in gravy texture that contribute to your cat’s hydration. Combine it with your cat’s daily dry kibbles for more taste and variety, or feed him with a 100% complete & balanced exclusive wet meal.

ADVANCE Wet Adult is specifically recommended for cats starting from 1 year old.