Adult sterilized cats (+12 months)

  1. Weight control: fibre, moderate level of fat and high level of protein.
  2. Contributes to maintain muscle mass: high level of protein

When you sterilize your cat, caring for its nutrition with a specific product adapted to its needs is essential to help your cat to maintain an ideal body condition.
ADVANCE Wet Sterilized is a complete & balanced wet recipe specifically formulated to cover the needs of adult sterilized cats. Its formula has been developed by nutrition experts to contribute to keep your cat’s weight under control and maintain muscle mass.

ADVANCE Wet is made with steam cooked high quality ingredients, and is offered in a delicious chunks in gravy texture that contribute to your cat’s hydration. Combine it with your cat’s daily dry kibbles for more taste and variety, or feed him with a 100% complete & balanced exclusive wet meal. ADVANCE Wet Sterilized is specifically recommended for sterilized cats starting from 1 year old.