Kittens (2-12 months), pregnant and lactating queens

  1. Contributes to a healthy growth: formula rich in essential nutrients, such as fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and protein.
  2. Contributes to muscle and bone development: minerals and high level of protein.

If your kitten is less than 1 year old, it is in the stage during which it experiences the most physical and behavioural changes, thus he needs a specific product that will help it him to grow strong and healthy.

ADVANCE Wet Kitten is a complete & balanced wet recipe specifically formulated to cover the needs of kittens.

Its formula has been developed by nutrition experts to contribute to your kitten’s muscle and bone development and support a healthy growth.

ADVANCE Wet is made with steam cooked high quality ingredients, and is offered in a chunks in gravy texture that makes it easier for kittens to chew.

Combine it with your cat’s daily dry kibbles for more taste and variety, or feed him with a 100% complete & balanced exclusive wet meal. ADVANCE Wet Kitten is specifically recommended for kittens from 2 to 12 months old and pregnant and lactating queens.